Midterms and Tortoises

Hey, Hawks!

I hope you’ve all had another fantastic week. I was a little bummed that we didn’t get President’s Day off. (Especially because the rest of my family did, and they spent the day doing all sorts of fun stuff without me.) At least, I only had a few classes. I got my grades back from a couple of exams, both came back with an “A” thankfully, so I was feeling pretty good about myself this week. I also took my first math test. I don’t really know how that one went. You know how math is: you do all the steps right and still end up with an ugly answer that makes you question everything. Fingers crossed on that one.

The Hawk Leadership Institute hosted a luncheon with Dr. Staples, Dr. Biggers and Mrs. Woods on Friday. Everyone dressed up, ate a nice Italian meal and got to spend time with real-life leaders. Sadly, I was feeling rather ill that day, so I couldn’t attend. My friends told me it was really fun, though, and that the food was really yummy.

nataliaI had a super busy weekend. My family and I launched our new business: King’s Portable Mini Golf! Our first event was at Alvin Education Foundation’s Fun Run and Turtle Race. We set up nine holes and let the kids play for $5 each. It was a huge success. We even got invited to other events, and lots of people asked us for information for their kids’ parties. The turtle race was also fun to watch, though sadly it didn’t involve real life turtles. It was a bunch of rubber turtles floating down a river. There was one real turtle, though. He was a 24-year-old tortoise named Bobby. He was huge and beautiful. I love him. Plus, there were doggies there up for adoption! It was just a great way to end the week.

I visited my mom and grandma too, which was nice because I hadn’t seen them in two weeks. We stayed in and watched lots of movies while eating junk food – AKA the best kind of family bonding!

I hope you guys had a nice week as well. We’re getting to that part of the semester where everything sort of piles up and there’s no break in sight. Hang in there, Hawks. Until next time!



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