Let The Games Begin

I hope everyone is having a successful time transitioning to exam mode. Another week down, and I feel like I’m dodging bullets as each week passes. The weeks just keep coming by. Basically, we’re driving 90 mph in a school zone.

ericCollege is ultimately just a Hunger Games arena. The weak perish while the ones that practice, train and study succeed. This comes into play with finals and midterms. Unfortunately, the time for me to compete has come. I’ve already taken two exams, and I still have one on the way. I know many students struggle with exams and studying, like myself. I’m not ashamed to say I got a 65 on one of my exams this past week. I was actually proud, because I thought I would do worse. I know I’ll do better next time, so a 65 doesn’t bother me. Don’t let one mediocre grade discourage you from trying in class.

As the weeks go by, and I get closer to finally being called a junior, I come to realize that I am yearning for the time when I move out. I haven’t done it yet, because I won’t make it financially on my own. I’m planning on moving out in the second semester of junior year or the beginning of senior year. I want to start becoming more independent, and not have my parents watch over me 24/7 (especially since they’re super strict). Of course, I would be homesick the first couple of days, but with time I’d get adjusted. And besides, it’s not like I’ll live with my parents forever. (Although, I will miss my momma’s cooking.)

During the week, my house was under construction, and I was not able to study. (OK, so maybe I wasn’t studying. I was catching up on “Pretty Little Liars”. It’s a good mystery show.) Other than my room being torn down and built from scratch again, I was able to make a 90 on another of my exams. This one I didn’t even study for, yet I made a high score. I don’t recommend this…I may have just had good luck guessing.

Well, that’s it for this week Hawks. Good luck on mid-terms!



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