Valentine’s Day and Studying

Hey, Hawks!

I hope you had another brilliant week at UHCL. I am finally caught up on everything I missed last week, so I can stop over-stressing and go back to normal-stressing with the rest of you.

I had my first few exams this week. Surprisingly, they didn’t go terribly wrong even though I missed so much class. I haven’t gotten the grades back, but I have a good feeling about them. Fingers crossed.

nataliaThere have been loads of events in honor of Black History Month, so I urge you guys to go check it out. I went to “A Talk with Samuel Collins III” and found myself quite inspired and educated on a topic I’m not 100 percent familiar with yet. Upcoming events include the screening of “The Two Nations of Black America” Feb. 24 and a discussion on people of African descent in the global context Feb. 25. There’s a board by Atrium I where people are free to write out what they think about black history and black heritage. I stop by sometimes to read what people have written.

Another big thing this week was Valentine’s Day! (Or for others: the day The Walking Dead returned to TV). Although I’m a hopeless romantic, I’ve never properly celebrated the holiday. This time it was because I was too completely swamped with homework over the weekend to even consider leaving the house. My family and I wore cute matching shirts, though, for the occasion, so that was nice. Still, it felt more like a regular Sunday than anything else. I didn’t even have any chocolate, much less of the heart-shaped variety.

Hopefully you guys had a lovely Valentine’s Day with the people you love or at least people you don’t particularly dislike.

Here’s to another great week, Hawks!

– Natalia


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