I Spent My Week Drowning Myself In Cough Syrup

Hey, Hawks!

pills-1422509I hope you had a much better week than I did. Mine consisted of lying in bed, coughing up a storm and drowning myself in cough syrup. Sure, I got a week off, but at what cost? Remember back in elementary or middle school, when we’d get ill and stay home? That was so much fun. Just lying in bed, watching cartoons and eating chicken noodle soup. Those were the days. Then, you’d go back to school as if nothing had happened – like time stood still for a day or two and let you rest.

Flash forward to college where missing a single day can become hectic, let alone a week! Thankfully, most of my professors email the homework, so I was able to stay on track. I got the notes from classmates, so I’m good on that front as well. The only thing is that I have to make up the assignments and projects ASAP. I’m sure I’ll manage though – I hope. I also have several exams I have to cram for this week. Wish me luck, Hawks.

I’m quite curious to know what went on while I was away, though. Sadly, I missed several club meetings I really wanted to attend. There’s always something going on somewhere on campus, though. If anything, there’s the current art exhibition: Change of Engagement. This exhibit features photographs of fencing competitions, taken by Serge Timacheff. They’re quite thrilling to say the least, so if you’ve got some free time I recommend stopping by the art gallery.

Anyway, apart from that, the week has been a tad uneventful. I’m sure you guys don’t care to hear about my various doctor visits and weird home remedies (like sleeping with an onion), so I’ll leave it at that.

Have a spectacular week, Hawks!



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