Honey Buns Are Little Demons In Disguise

Another week goes by, another homework assignment comes along. Those just keep piling up on the side of my desk. I should probably get to work on them, but I think I’ll leave them there for a week longer. Then, I’ll give them to the city’s recycling program. Let’s try to go green, people! Aside from procrastinating this past week, I was able to feel like an adult and keep up my New Year’s Resolution.

As I go into this semester with my head held high, I focus on new goals and I start to feel more mature. I know I can be very immature for a 20 year old. In fact, my mom still says I have the mindset of a 10 year old, but I can honestly say I feel more mature. Creating my own schedule to work around meeting class assigned groups is relatively new for me this semester, and I like the freedom that comes with it. Honestly, the first time I was supposed to meet up my group made me really nervous. They’re people I’ve never met before, and I expected them to be older. I was afraid I would have to act more their age. Everything went well once I actually met them! In fact, one of the other members had the same worries I did. The session ended up going well and we got a lot done. One of my highlights of the week, I’d have to say.

downloadhealthyTime for an update on my fitness lifestyle. I have been running about four times a week. I’ve also been eating healthier and lifting weights. I may still be on the 5-pound weight but I’ll get to the 6-pound one by next year. It’s a work in progress.

I know this may shock some people, just like it shocked Helen Nguyen. I grabbed a Honey Bun with my tummy cheering, “Hooray, time to eat!” My mind was like, “Yo, Eric, check the nutrition facts.” OMG, that piece of bread was 550 calories! With 20 grams of fat! I quickly put it down. No way was I gonna put that in my body! These are little changes, but gradually they will turn into a healthy lifestyle.

Well that’s it for this week, Hawks! Stay healthy, and be sure to avoid Honey Buns. They’re little demons in disguise.



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