Let’s Take Breaks….Like My Tia Teresa

Now that Week 2 is officially over, I can start to worry about grades. As a 20-year-old, I can say I don’t stress out about many things…except math. I thought I was done with that my freshman year.

I started the week off with homework. (Exciting, isn’t it?) This semester is loaded with more work than last semester. Then, I was mainly graded on exams, not homework. I need to get used to the homework routine again, especially in chemistry. There is so much math involved, I’m not sure if my little brain can handle it. I’m going to need a lot of study breaks.

11870819_10153488532253559_1631907109178746050_nA great way to de-stress is a good old birthday party. This wasn’t any ordinary party – it was a party on steroids. Everyone got involved. There was dancing, food and clowns! (Keep in mind this was a child’s eighth birthday party.) Everyone just knew how to have a good time, from my cousin Pablo to my Tia Teresa. College students need breaks. I’m sure if my Tia Teresa can take a break from making tamales, we can take breaks as well.

When I’m not de-stressing myself at birthday parties, I’m seeing ways to get involved on campus. The big event this week was the Student Org Expo. I was amazed at all the new organizations. The Dance Club? I signed up!

I love that more and more clubs are becoming interesting, rather than just seeing a lot of major specified clubs. We have the Music Club, Photography Club and even the Fashion Club, as well as many more new ones. I’m definitely planning on joining a couple this semester. When I graduate I want to have a lot of cords. I regret not having any in high school. (Well, I did have one, which was a volunteer cord. Funny story…all I did was buy peanut butter to get 150 hours of community service, so it doesn’t count.)

Well, that’s it for this week Hawks. I hope all of you have an amazing third week of classes. Get involved on campus!



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