This is Going to be a Bumpy Ride

Oh boy. This is going to be a bumpy ride. The first week of classes was the typical syllabus reading and first easy assignment. Of course, on the first day I wasn’t expecting to dive right into class work. The first day is usually a chill day. I had trouble with a specific class, but – luckily – I was able to resolve the issue – for now at least.

The main class I’m sure I’m going to have trouble with this semester is Chemistry 1311. I was sitting in class ready to learn. As the teacher starts calling on people to answer, it seemed like everyone in there already aced that course. I barely knew what a chemical change was. I felt defeated, but I went to talk to the professor to get some help. I had never truly sat one-on-one with a professor until now. Man, it is a great tool to have. I don’t know why I haven’t done that before. The professor cleared things up and worked out problems with me. Professors are always there to help.

Update on my journey to being healthier – this past week I didn’t do too much, but I did enough to where I don’t feel too fat. I ran a couple of times throughout the week, did the regular workout from my Mom’s DVDs and, of course, I ate a salad (with tons of dressing, but that’s still not too bad in my book). I’m hoping I can keep this up. I’m not saying I want to be like the Hulk, but just fit.

ericDuring the break, my cousins from Mexico came to visit for a week. Although they’re a couple of years younger than me, they’re still loads of fun. I found myself going everywhere with them. They would always find a way to make me laugh even when I didn’t want to. It was so sad to say farewell to them.

Of course, with the first week of stress comes time for me to relax, and that’s exactly what I did. This weekend I went to see “The Boy” with my closest friends Helen Nguyen and Nelly Tanori. Man, was that a mind-blowing film. It was a great night. Now I have to get prepared for what’s coming this week in school.



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