Holidays, Studying and Finals

Howdy, Hawks! The dreaded finals week has arrived. Students are rushing to book study rooms, puppies came on campus, blue scantrons are flying off the bookstore shelves and everyone’s having caffeine crashes and all-nighters. Fun, right? Not quite. I’ve spent my week buried in books, and I’ve abandoned my Netflix account. I wonder if they’ll call to check up and see if I’m okay.

All jokes aside, I’m feeling quite psyched about ending this semester, especially if it’s with a good GPA. My family is flying in from Mexico for the holidays, so I’m really excited about spending time with them as well.

stodynI’ve only got three finals and only one of them is actually worrying me. I’ll just have to really study for it. I feel confident, though! What’s been a bit distracting, though, is all the kids that suddenly appeared on campus. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a kid person. Having all those tiny humans running around campus isn’t my idea of fun.

On Wednesday, I had a big presentation for my biology lab class. I was really nervous. Thankfully, my team members and I got together and worked for hours. We ended up working until about an hour before class, but it still came together pretty well. Normally, I stink at any type of oral presentation, but I did my best and we earned a score of “A-”. We are very proud of our score.

That same night, the school hosted the Lighting of the Letters to mark the beginning of the holidays! The UHCL letters lit up, hot chocolate was served and the music club provided us with excellent holiday songs. The main reason I attended the Lighting of the Letters was to hear the music club perform. Lots of my friends are in the club, so it was really nice to finally see them sing. Plus, HLI was there to give us our cute care packages to survive finals weeks. Hopefully that will lessen the stress!

Good luck on finals, Hawks, and Happy Holidays!

– Natalia


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