Winter is Here! Oh Wait, Finals Are Too.

ericWelcome back, Hawks! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. I, for one, have a few extra pounds I need to get rid of before my mom starts calling me “fat” again. It really bothers me, because the pants that I bought at the beginning of the semester don’t fit anymore. I usually have to squeeze into them to prove to my mom that I haven’t gained weight. Besides weight being an issue, finals are here! As we go into this next week of school, most of us will be rushing to hit the books. Try to bring a first aid kit. Books sure know how to throw a good punch.

When I was younger, I heard somewhere that if you put your textbook under your pillow and fall asleep, you’ll absorb all of the information while you sleep. Hmmm. Maybe it was just a voice inside my head. My point is, do whatever it takes to gain the knowledge and beat up that test. Don’t let a piece of paper break you down mentally! I wonder why paper doesn’t always win in “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” It’s great at beating humans emotionally.

Aside from all the negatives that come from finals week, let’s think of the positives! Every exam taken is one less thing to worry about, and brings us closer to Christmas. I am waiting patiently for that moment when I go to the Christmas tree to open my presents and realize I bought them all myself. Man, I love my family. Ever since I was a kid, my dad would make my siblings and I bake cookies for Santa. “Santa” always ate the cookies. By the age of 8, I figured out it was my dad. We still make them each and every year — knowing he’s going to eat them while watching TV.

I want to point out that the Christmas music is upon us! It only comes once a year, and I’m a sucker for jolly tunes. One of the main items I will be using to study is classic Christmas tunes. Winter in Texas looks just like summer with the occasional chilly day, but that “Jingle Bell Rock” sure makes me remember we’re in December!

Well, that’s it for this week Hawks! Stay focused on studying. We’re wrapping up this semester and getting ready for Christmas!



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