I Got A Job!

Welcome back, Hawks! Hope you all had a wonderful week. The time has finally come for a long deserved break. Thanksgiving is a time where my family and I usually pig out and feel like fatties together. Although I am of Mexican descent, it doesn’t mean my family doesn’t do a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is simply friends and family gathering together to share laughs and memories.

thanksgivingEven though I’m having a physical break from school, it doesn’t mean my mind is completely shut down from schoolwork. I still have those long thoughtful nights where I worry about the big bad “F” appearing on my report card. Drinking warm milk usually helps, and so does eating plenty of cookies. Gosh, I sound like Santa on Christmas night.

Our students have a new site they need to visit! Baybrook Mall has expanded. The fresh outdoor environment the mall has to offer will surely bring in tons of people to socialize with one another and be a new site to hang out with friends. Let’s not forget it has a “Dave and Buster” as well as a movie theater!

This week I got hired at Sears in the Baybrook Mall! My first day consisted of the usual, meeting the managers and learning about the responsibilities I’m going to have. I was once a cashier at Sears, so I’m familiar with some of the things I was told. I’m hoping to carry this job over into the next semester. Hopefully I don’t get fired! It’s going to be rather challenging balancing school and work. This will be a first for me since I’ve attended university. I’m sure I can handle the stress either way.

Well that’s it for this week, Hawks! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you all next week!



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