Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

Hey, Hawks! Doesn’t it feel great to be so close to the Thanksgiving break? I am so excited to get those five days of sleep. These last few days have been pretty stressful with professors trying to cram in as much information as they can before the semester’s over, final exams and final projects coming up and this strange cold-in-the-morning-but-hot-in-the-afternoon weather.

My week has pretty much consisted of procrastinating everything, because my mind is convinced that it’s already break time. I should really start my hardcore studying. Good news though! The doggies are coming back to the library, so you guys know where I’ll be those two days!

attachmentThe most exciting thing I did this past week was to attend the Global Expo. It was really fun and interesting to see all the different cultures from so many different countries. Taiwan, Pakistan and Mexico are only a few of the many booths I stopped by. They all provided yummy traditional food, fun facts about their culture and sometimes games. I really enjoyed the booth from my home country, Mexico, because it made me feel a bit nostalgic and homesick (but in a good way). It was also really nice that they had Mexican candy, which I absolutely love!

My favorite booth, though, was the Native American one. It was really educational and truly opened my eyes to the injustices that Native Americans face today. It actually inspired me to find ways to make a difference, or at least make raise the awareness on the issue. Suicide, unemployment and poverty rates are incredibly high, as well as abuse brought on by police officers. It’s astonishing to me that so much suffering is happening in this community, but none of it ever seems to reach the news.

On a brighter note, I had a homework-less weekend! I dedicated it to watching films: “Mulan” (my dad’s choice), “Silver Linings Playbook” (my choice) and “Charlie’s Angels” (my step-mom’s choice). It’s always nice to spend quality time with the family, even if consists of mostly staring at a colorful screen. The holidays are coming up soon, so I guess it’s a good way to ease into 24/7 family bonding time.

I hope you guys had a great week. Until next time, Hawks!

– Natalia


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