The End is Near

Welcome back fellow Hawks! The end is near. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, finals just seem to follow. It’s like we’re all in a race, and finals catch up every time.

The Global Expo is upon us! This will be an event you won’t want to miss. The Global Expo event encompasses cultures from all over the world. Each culture or country that signs up gets a booth. There are a ton of booths that serve food and other goodies from their respective heritages. Last year I was really full from eating cookies all the way to desserts I couldn’t pronounce. I am hoping that this year I feast like a king again. It’s a great way to take a break from classes.

imageThis past week I had an exam for business law. As usual, I waited until the last minute to study. I knew I was in a pickle when I tried stuffing everything into a one-to two-hour cram session. Cramming is never a good idea, but at this point I had no choice. When it came to taking the exam, I was more assured of my test taking skills rather than my knowledge of business law. I knew nothing. When I got back the results, I wasn’t disappointed. I know I could’ve done better, but under the circumstances I wasn’t upset with a 77. My point is to never give up. Even if you feel like you’re going to do poorly, it doesn’t hurt to try. The outcome might surprise you.

Hawk Premiere was this past weekend. Seeing all the potential freshmen so interested in our campus is heartwarming. A couple of my friends were there, and they later texted to me how they loved how cozy the campus was. There were several offices represented where the students could get more information, as well as a DJ, a table where students could get a wax model of their hands and other fun booths.

Hope you guys are all having a fun time getting ready for finals. We are so close to getting a small break Thanksgiving week. Good luck with classes. Hope you guys have a wonderful week!



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