Finals Are Upon Us

Howdy, Hawks! I hope you’re all doing well. You can certainly feel things starting to slow down on campus! Labs are ending, midterms are over and clubs are holding their lasts meetings. Don’t be fooled though, this is like a rollercoaster. Your cart slowly crawls up to the top of the first hill, and before you know it you’re dropped over the edge and sent rushing through loops, twists and turns. In other words: finals are going to be here soon. However, Thanksgiving break is still on its way. Don’t start to panic just yet. Enjoy your turkey first.

natalia photoMy week’s been pretty uneventful. I went to class, studied, did homework, took a couple midterms and then went home and slept. There was definitely a lot of sleeping this week. I suppose that could be enough to make it a pretty good week. The highlight of the week was going to HLI’s Fall Social, where we all ate yummy pizza and yummier desserts, colored in turkeys and played Thanksgiving Bingo, Pictionary and Guesstures! It was a really fun way to end the semester with HLI. (It was also pretty fun because I beat everyone at Pictionary.)

This week, I didn’t really have the time to go to the animal shelters as much as I usually do. (By ‘time’ I mean motivation. I’ve been lazy this week.) I went for about four hours on Thursday. I fed the doggies, played with the cats and even did the dishes. No one got adopted while I was there, unfortunately, and one of the kittens was diagnosed with heartworms. It wasn’t the brightest week.

To top everything off, I was supposed to go to the dentist this weekend for my annual checkup and whatnot. I woke up that day feeling incredibly sick. I don’t quite know why that was, but my tummy was just not having it. I had to cancel my appointment (I couldn’t reschedule because my dentist was booked for the rest of the year) and spend my weekend in bed binge-watching “How to Get Away with Murder.”

I hope you guys had a better and exciting week, Hawks! Until next time.



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