Day of the Dead and turning 20

Howdy, Hawks! So, there goes another week, and another month, too! It’s time to take in the carved pumpkins and turn them into pumpkin pies. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Pretty soon, it’ll be the holidays already!

I hope y’all had a happy Halloween! I don’t really celebrate it, but it’s always fun to see people all dressed up. That country singing vampire in Atrium II on Friday morning was on point. Personally, I’ve just never seen the appeal of Halloween, so I spent mine at the animal shelter and then watching Friends. The day I am looking forward to, though, is the Day of the Dead – not only because it’s a chance to celebrate my Mexican heritage, but because it also happens to be my birthday. I’m turning 20 years old! How terrifyingly exciting.

Natalia wears a Citizens fro Animal Protection shirt and points to the logo.

My last week of October was quite a busy one, so I am more than ready for Thanksgiving Break. I attended my Advising Transition Event, which made me feel very grown up and responsible. I’ve got my schedule all planned out for the rest of my college career, so that’s one less thing to worry about. I also started volunteering at yet another animal shelter. This time it’s the Alvin Animal Adoption Center. I got to feed the doggies, give them treats and socialize the cats for four hours. On the weekend, I spent another four hours at the Citizens for Animal Protection shelter, helping people adopt cats and walking the doggies. It honestly felt more like a fun pastime than volunteerwork. My hours are adding up, so I’m not complaining. I attended a SLICE workshop on Friday, Oct. 30, entitled “Heart-First Leadership,” which was quite thought provoking, to say the least.

That’s all for this week, Hawks!



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