Leopards, Midterms and Finals, oh my!

Hey Hawks! Hope you all had an amazing mid-term season. My brain is officially fried. This past week was one of my chill weeks. I spent most days in bed watching Netflix and eating pizza. I needed a relaxing weekend, now that midterms are over with.

As the semester starts coming to an end, I get even more nervous at the thought of having to select classes for next semester. I don’t even know what I’m going to have for breakfast tomorrow, let alone know which classes I’ll be taking three months from now. We have about six weeks of school left, which is always crazy to think about. It shows how fast the semester goes by! Now that midterm season is done, we have finals coming up and they are just as tough as midterms are. I need to start studying!

Strictly Speaking goes to the Houston Zoo

ericThe first major event that I attended with the Strictly Speaking program was held at the Houston Zoo. It was a great way to show international students what kind of animals we have in our zoos. It was such a blast walking around and enjoying each other’s company. Seeing the lions and flamingos were the cherry on top. One of my Strictly Speaking students, Jay Ramanuj, pointed at a leopard and said, “Some people have those as pets in India.” I was shocked at first. I thought he was kidding, but I then realized he was being serious. It’s cool to think that we as humans are so similar, yet different, depending on what part of the world we grow up in. I am extremely glad I chose to participate in Strictly Speaking this year. It has really opened my mind to trying new things.

Well, that is all for this week Hawks! Take a deep breath and relax a bit now that mid-terms are over. Just stay focused in class and be on the lookout for finals, because they are coming soon to a campus near you.



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