Flashback to Freshman Year

We’re back at it again. Exams have finally started for me, and it’s going pretty well. I remember this time last year I was still getting used to college. I wasn’t doing so hot. The first time I got a failing grade on an exam, I thought I was going to fail the class. That failed exam actually helped me in the long run. We learn from our mistakes, and even now I use what I learned last year to my advantage.

Last year my study habits were not the best. If I compared my study notes from now to the ones I took a year ago, let’s just say I wouldn’t be drawing stick figures anymore. I never really knew how important note taking skills were until the professor started talking, and I realized my brain wasn’t trained for a marathon. Notes are like a gold mine full of useful information.

test graphicThis semester I’ve been focusing more on my classes, then worrying about my social life. Education should always come first! I am still involved in many things, one of which is Strictly Speaking, an international student porgram. I get to mentor international students, and this past Thursday, Sept. 24, we had a potluck. We each brought items from our cultures and feasted like kings. I loved seeing our cultures blend, and enjoying new foods that I’ve never had before.

I’ve also realized that I’ve become a decent test taker. I don’t get the butterflies in my stomach every time I take a test, anymore. I remember the first time in history class when I made a 50. I was thinking, “I had a bad day.” When I got the next exam back, I made a 55. I thought to myself, “I must be doing something wrong.” At the time, being a lazy young freshman, I would only study for about 10 minutes. I mean, I always thought 10 minutes before the exam was plenty of time. Now, I think differently. I study for 20 minutes before the exam! Just kidding! It takes time to prepare for an exam. It’s like training for a big race. All of my past experiences from tests, notes and getting involved have helped mold me into the Hawk I am today.

Well, that’s it for this week, Hawks. Remember, we learn from our mistakes! It’s ok to fail. Just remember to keep on trying until you succeed. Have a great week!



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