Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat?

I hope everyone had a great week of classes. The tests have already begun and those sleepless nights are back. I know that I’ll get through it as always, but when you’re in the middle of a storm all you can really see is chaos. I know a college student goes through chaos a lot, but they might also go through the Freshman 15.

obese-child-on-scale-245x300The Freshman 15 is a topic many incoming students talk about. Being a fishy fresh out of the pond, I know that this is not a myth. (Well, at least it isn’t for me.) I never really believed that the Freshman 15 was real. I always saw it as a scary story people told college students so that they would eat healthy. From personal experiences, I’m here to tell everyone: it’s real. I actually didn’t gain the weight until the end of freshman year. I came really close to the Freshman 15. By the end of freshman year, I gained 12 pounds. I started the year off by weighing 145 pounds and ended up at 157 pounds. I remember one day putting on a pair of jeans, and they would not fit. I asked my mom, “Did these shrink in the dryer?” She replied, “No, you just got fat.”

All this was a result of eating out a lot and buying a lot of junk food. For me, having a car, being able to drive and get whatever I crave are the main reasons I became unhealthy. I can’t help myself if I’m craving McDonald’s McNuggets at midnight. I can’t fall asleep if I don’t have them. I feel like I’m pregnant most of the time. I did try to go vegan at one point, but that lasted about 20 minutes. I then settled for becoming vegetarian, and quickly realized that I can’t live without eating steak. It takes dedication and hard work.

Setting aside time for the gym and watching what you eat is key to keeping a healthy lifestyle in college. If you want to find out more about this issue, Bianca Salinas had tips and stories in The Signal newspaper last semester.

Well, that’s it for this week, guys! I hope everyone has a great week of classes, and remember stay healthy!



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