From a shy hawk to a leader

The time has come fellow Hawks. This will be my last blog of the year. It has been an honor to share my freshman experience with all of you. I’m going to miss all the great times I had this year. Nonetheless, I also had a blast writing each and every single blog just as I was also excited for helping create the school yearbook.

wingspanThe Wingspan is a freshman experience yearbook that was released on April 29. I love seeing how freshmen and sophomores come together in the pages. It’s like seeing a family of eyas or baby hawks. The pages are so vibrant and I enjoyed reading a couple articles I got the chance write. Be sure to check that out.

I have made so many unbelievable memories. It feels like I just woke up and this whole freshman year was just a dream. I can still remember everything from freshman orientation all the way to the Student Leadership Banquet. I have seen myself grow as a person as well. I started off as a shy baby hawk. As the semester went on, I saw myself grow as a leader and in academics. I never thought I would be writing 7-10 page papers. In high school the most I wrote was one page. The stakes in university are higher, which is what made me step up my game. I honestly didn’t expect to see much change in the beginning. I thought it would be easy. College is honestly one of the biggest challenges I have faced this point in my life. I know it will only get harder, but I accept the challenge.

I can’t wait to see myself in three more years walk across that stage and receive my diploma. That will be the moment when I will be proud of my hard work until then I have to keep on working toward success. I know UHCL was the right choice and it is the school that will mold me to becoming a successful student. I hope I was able to relate to a lot of you Hawks throughout this year.

Wow! Can you believe it a whole year? Now we’re on our way to becoming sophomores. It is still unbelievable how fast time flies. I bid you all farewell, and until next year.

Have a great summer and good luck to you all!



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