I made the right choice in choosing to soar at UHCL

Hey there, Hawks! Hope everyone had a great Easter. This past week was pretty calm. It was one of those chill weeks where not much is going on. I did go to my final MAP session for the year. I love going in and talking to my advisor. She is very helpful and talks to me about real questions I have with university classes. Having that one-to-one session with someone that knows a lot about a specific class is very beneficial when selecting classes.

Yes, it is that time of the semester where we start selecting classes for next fall. To be honest I was really unsure which classes to take. For me, still having an undecided major, it is tough to not want to waste money on classes that I won’t need for the major I end up choosing, but that is what the advisors are there for. She gave me tons of suggestions for what majors I might consider and I recently think I found the perfect major for me. I am in love with what classes that the major requires, and best of all it doesn’t require calculus. I am terrible at math so that is a plus.

Environmental management is the major I have my eyes set out to catch. I’ve been looking into it a lot and have found it to be really interesting major choice. Now that UHCL offers minors I think I’m going to have a great future ahead of me after college. I know I still have a while before I graduate, but time flies by so fast.

eric1Here I was in September of last year a freshman writing his first blog, and now I’m almost a sophomore. All we have time to do is think of the future because that is what matters. The past doesn’t matter because it already happened. I want to look at what is going to happen. I know that I have fallen in the perfect steps; everything is perfect. My school is just a blessing to have in my life. I will never get over the fact that I made the right choice in choosing to soar at UHCL. GO HAWKS!

I would also like to make a tribute to the person that inspired me to get involved at UHCL. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you, Sara Khalifa. You will be missed!



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