The procrastination level in me is off the charts

ericAnyone else counting down the weeks till school ends? It’s not so far away, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have work to worry about. The procrastination level in me is off the charts. I just want to be sitting on the sand gazing out into the ocean; it sounds so relaxing. Before I can do any of that stuff I have to finish my classes, which I haven’t really talked much about this semester. My classes aren’t as hard as the ones last semester seemed to be, yet I still find myself struggling even more. The basic concept of what the classes are composed of is pretty straightforward, but I get confused half the time. I don’t know if it is because I got too comfortable with the whole college thing. I have literally been typing my essays the day before they’re due, and I know that’s the worst way to write an essay. With so many campus events, there are even more reasons why I procrastinate. The retreat planning for orientation training has been done and now we are just waiting on the date. I honestly am looking forward to this a lot. I have never gone camping and I really want to make s’mores like they do in the movies. Getting to see all the new orientation leaders in one place for the first time, seeing them bond, and seeing them have fun will be a memorable experience. My three great friends that I have been given the chance to meet will be there as well. I’m always glad that we are all part of the Orientation and New Student Programs. I don’t know what I would do without them. Helen Nguyen and Nelly Tanori are truly amazing people, and I’m glad to have meet them and have them in my life. These next three years with them will be the best because they will be by my side through thick and thin. That is all for this weeks blog, guys. Keep up the good work Hawks! It’s almost summer time!



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