I am growing up so fast

Coming up on the tenth week of school and I can’t believe how much I have grown in one year. This time last year, I was in my senior year of high school, had three classes and worked as a server on the weekend. I never had any homework and was so ready to graduate. I was never involved with any organizations and dreaded the idea of even stepping foot into Chavez High School. I never fell in love with high school.

Now, I am a freshman blogger for The Wingspan and social media manager for UHCL’s The Signal. I am involved with the Hawk Leadership Institute, and I am working my way to being inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success by the end of the semester. I have almost 100 hours of volunteer hours under my belt and that is just the start of it. I am a first-generation college student and UHCL has helped me adapt so well. I am a natural and have had so many “ah-ha” moments this school year. I fell in love with UHCL as soon as I saw the campus.

biancaI am a leader in the making. I have learned so much, but I still have so much more to witness. I want to be successful not only for myself but for my family and members of my community. I’ve really grasped the concept of perspective, and I have really took a step in my shoes. We are so small compared to what is out there in the universe. Our lives are all we know and I am looking to be more aware and help others do the same in the process. The question that keeps coming up is “What are you going to do to make a difference”? It has really resonated with me and pushes me to keep going.

This past week I got one step closer to my goal of success. I became an Orientation Leader! I am so happy that I was chosen because now I get to share my love for my university with future students and have them as excited as I was when I started. I like to think I am pretty involved on campus, so I know I will be very informative and enthusiastic. I understand how scary it can be transitioning from high school to college, and I want to help ease their minds. The majority of the people at UHCL are friendly and helpful, so I really had no issue adjusting to the environment.

bianca2This past Thursday, I attended the 2015 Report to the Community Breakfast and I did not get nervous until I stepped foot on the premises. It calmed my nerves knowing I had my better half, Ibrahim, by my side and one of my success coaches, Robin Aleman, there as well. Eva deCardenas, assistant director of marketing for CCISD, talked to me about an internship, but I had to break the news that I was only a freshman. She gave me her business card and assured me if I ever needed anything to not hesitant to ask. I was so grateful. I was hesitant to mingle at first, but then I got called up to give some brief information about myself. I was told to give my name, my major and the high school I attended. I quickly walked up to the podium, took a deep breath, and started listing my credentials. I told the audience I was a first-generation college student, about my two positions within the Office of Student Publications and the organizations. I was shaking by the time I sat down, but after the breakfast was over I had several individuals come up to me and tell me how impressed they were with my speech. I was given three business cards and I was over the moon. Wow, people were actually interested in who I was and introduced themselves to me. I have officially broke out of my shell. 🙂



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