Whoa, that’s a ton of rice, literally!

I feel like I am dragging my feet across the finish line, but only to find out I made it through the midway mark. There are still nine more weeks of school including this week, and you all have no idea how much I deserve this spring break or how much any of us college students deserve this break for that matter.

College isn’t just about learning. It’s about pushing your brain past the limit. It’s a competition for students everywhere. Who can learn the most and apply it to the real world? Who can obtain a college degree within four years? Who can maintain a high GPA without being mentally exhausted? I believe every teacher thinks we only have one priority and that is his or her class. There are so many deadlines and unanswered questions. How does everyone around me look so calm? Am I the only one getting overwhelmed here? I don’t like to procrastinate, but lately I have been because I don’t want to work. I wish I could go one day without doing homework, but this is college. Only the tough survive.

This past week I had an interview for an orientation leader position for next school year, and I feel pretty confident that I earned the position. So fingers crossed. I know I would be a great addition to the team.

biancaOne of the reasons I love UHCL is because there are many servant leaders. This past Saturday was UHCL’s Day of Service. Different student organizations volunteer at various places to give back to the community and learn something valuable in the process: selflessness. My peers from the Hawk Leadership Institute and I volunteered at the Galveston Country Food Bank and I had such a great time.

All we had to do was package 2,000 pounds of uncooked rice, but it was a critical task for the food bank. Jeff Gordon, business operations manager, was thankful for our time and let us know that the packaged rice was going to be distributed to those in hunger. It was just a simple task, but it couldn’t have been done quickly and efficiently without us volunteering our time.

I was having a great time working with my peers, and I believe it brought us closer together. When I first looked at the ton of rice, I was thinking if it was even possible to get it packaged in four hours. We broke up into teams and started an assembly line. We had people pouring the rice into smaller containers, people scooping up the rice and pouring into plastic bags while someone else was holding that bag, they then zipped it and passed it along to place the finished containers in recycled boxes for distribution. We were on a roll, and we all enjoyed seeing the ton of rice getting smaller and smaller.


Each box contained 40lbs of uncooked rice

It really helped put things in perspective for us. I’m so grateful I am fortunate enough to have three meals a day. I may not be able to donate money, but I can always volunteer my time. What is life if you aren’t giving back?



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