Do we notice change in us right away?

Hey there, Hawks! This past week has been pretty chaotic. I’d like to start off by saying that having too much on your plate is not always a good thing. I have been receiving tons of work from all over school and with it being mid-term season, it ain’t pretty.

It all got jumbled up during mid-term season, and I have to balance everything out and prioritize. Deciding which paper to do first or what to study is always hard, but when you have deadlines and test the next day it is even more difficult. Some people are so talented that they can manage to do six essays in one day. Wow! I wish I could do that.

ericAs the semester goes on, I still find it astonishing that we are halfway done the second semester. It is almost going to be a year since I graduated from high school. When I see myself now and what I was a year ago, it is two different people. Change is a common thing that happens in people, but do we notice change in us right away? It has taken me about a year to notice that I have become a more productive, reliable, and involved student. High school was never really my thing. I went to school and returned home with no extracurricular activities to do. I look back and regret everyday of not making memories. That was one of the reasons why I was so fired up to get involved at UHCL. I see why other people that went to my high school were in so many clubs and sports and organizations because they made so many great memories. This made me a bit jealous, but I knew it was my fault for not joining.

That was the past and I had to look at the future, and that was exactly what I have done. Just seeing that small change has affected me to find other things that have made me a better person. These changes don’t just affect me during school hours, but outside of school as well. I have engaged more with my community and learned to communicate better with people. Communication is a skill I have learned to improve since last year. I wouldn’t talk to a stranger if my life depended on it, and now I do it with ease. Growth happens in all of us, and college makes sure of it.

That’s it for this week, Hawks. Hope you all have a great spring break! Good luck on midterms.



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