“I want to live in the snow”

eric1Hey there fellow Hawks! I am happy to announce that I had a blast at National Orientation Development Association (NODA). I got to experience so many new things! Snow! There was snow everywhere! It was actual snow. Not the stuff we get here in Houston whenever it “snows.” Everyone could tell we were from Texas because of how we were acting around the snow. Movies make snowballs seem so fun when in reality it felt like a rock hitting me especially when the snow is packed tight. Hearing the crunch and softness of the snow when walking is like music to my ears.

Exchanging new ideas with other students from across the country was a memorable experience. It helped me develop new ideas I want to implement in orientation training and orientation as well. Team builders and fun activities are just a couple of the new things that I have learned. There was so much enthusiasm from all the schools, and each school had their own chant. We don’t necessarily have a school chant, but we did come up with one for the event.

Here come the Hawks
Move outta the way!
Squawk squawk
We are the Hawks!
Come see the deer!
The choice is Clearrrrr

Although it may not have been perfect we had fun showing other schools our side of spirit. Not only did we eat like kings and queens, but we also stayed in a luxurious hotel called St. Louis Union Station. The train station ran for 100 years before converting into a hotel. It reminded me of a British train station like the ones I see in movies.

We also did many wacky events such as the rock paper scissors tournament. Sounds pretty lame, but man were people sweating up in that room. I met tons and tons of new friends. I even had to compete in a case study with three other people.

For the case study we were given a scenario and there were supposed to come up with possible solutions. We also had to describe why the solution would work and many other aspects that pertained to the issue. I had butterflies in my stomach before we were supposed to present. Luckily, my team members were able to calm me down. When it was our time to present our case, we nailed it. I mean like the hammer went right through the board. We all made excellent claims like we had discussed prior, and it flowed as good as a river. I don’t want to leave all the great things in Missouri. I want to live in the snow! Sadly, we left Sunday. It was fun while it lasted. I will cherish these memories forever.

That’s all for this week Hawks. How are the classes going, Hawks? I’d like to know, so leave a comment!



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