Valentine’s Day trauma

Mid-term season is coming up. Are you Hawks ready? It’s already week five of the spring semester. Where does time keep going!?

As I enter the period of the semester where I stress out the most, I am glad that I know what to expect. For some reason midterms stress me out more than finals do. I won’t be stressing out that much since one of my classes doesn’t have a final planned and another class is a take home test. Two out of four classes are already looking great. I decided to take only four classes this semester because I personally can’t handle more than that.

I know many people who are taking 18 or even more credit hours. To me those people must have some sort of superpower to pull that off. I want to get good grades in four classes than get bad grades taking six or more classes. I guess with more time in college I might take on the 18-credit-hour-challenge, but until then I have decided to avoid that toll.

Speaking of classes, most of them are actually really good. There is one class that I have problems with. World Art History swung my way, and I’m having trouble batting at it. I have no idea how I am suppose to take notes on pictures. So, it’s officially my challenge of the year. Hopefully as the year progresses I learn to master the art of taking art notes.

Last week was Valentine’s Day. I always buy myself stuff on that day mainly because I know what I like to eat. Most of the people I talked to were going to go out and buy themselves treats. I was that one kid in middle school that never got the one dollars carnation that the school sold, which is why I don’t like carnations anymore. Valentine’s Day traumatized me. Meanwhile my brother always came home with bears and chocolates. I would always eat them anyways and blame it on my little sisters. Keep in mind that I was only 12.

ericUHCL had a dance for Valentine’s Day last week called the School House of Rock hosted by the Intercultural Student Services. I didn’t dance at the dance, but I did get to meet some new people. I always feel that there needs to be more freshmen at events like this. Getting involved and having fun is not a bad thing. I usually never see more than five or six freshman at a school event, and many times I’m the only freshman there.

That wraps it up for me this week. I hope you all have a great mid-term session, and don’t forget to get involved! See you next week Hawks!



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