Go big or go home.

I have literally stopped keeping track of time. College is going by way too fast I can’t keep up with it. My parents always told me that after a certain age I would stop caring about the time, and I think I’m at that age.

Before college, days would last weeks and weeks would last months. These days, I wish time would slow down especially during study sessions. Time is like a liquid as it flows by super quick and going 100 miles an hour is torture sometimes.

Aside from worrying about time this past week, I have also been focused on school as I should be. Getting assigned four essays in one week is no fun at all. Well, they weren’t all assigned in a week, I just procrastinated. I have come to accept the fact that I will never get over procrastinating. Netflix always gets the best in me.

eric1There are also so many fun events on campus. This past week there was the Student Orgs Expo, and there are always so many free goodies at these events. I honestly don’t even see many freshmen at these events. I wish people were more involved with their school community because it isn’t as scary as everyone thinks. I know I was scared to get involved with UHCL.

When I was in high school, I would just go to classes and go home. I wanted to change that in college. No matter how nervous I was in meeting new people, joining student orgs, or even just volunteering I wanted to change and be more involved. I promised myself to just go for it. After the first week of being nervous, the nervousness that came with meeting people went away. I have meet many great friends that I wouldn’t have meet if I hadn’t gotten involved.

I may not have learned much in high school about involvement, but I still manage to be doing so many great things at UHCL. I think I’m doing pretty well for a freshman. I know I’m still a “Baby Bird”, as Robin Aleman likes to call me, but I dream of the day when I walk up the stage and get my diploma. I literally look at houses for sale late at night, and I have already planned out my future after graduation. Saving up for a house is not a bad idea. I would know because I already started saving for one. Even though I’m only saving 10 bucks at the moment, it’s still something. I really want the $ 20 million house because it is so gorgeous. Even though I know I probably won’t ever have one, it doesn’t hurt to dream. Go big or go home!

That is all for this week, Hawks. I hope you’re settling into your classes smoothly, and don’t forget getting involved is not hard at all. Good luck!


(Photo credits- UHCL Student Life office.)


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