You Have to Enjoy the Little Things

bianca1Walking into the Bayou Building this past week, I stopped to notice the plants we planted for the UHCL Beautification Project have now sprouted. It really took me by my surprise because I was so happy I had a part in this project. It wasn’t a difficult task, but when the volunteers got together it went by fast. The staff was extremely grateful since they were understaffed and we were able to accomplish the task in such a short time. One reason I chose this campus was the beautiful landscape. It’s soothing to just walk outside and appreciate the nature around us. I love my campus, and I’m so glad to be a part of it. It was pretty chilly this past week. Now is the perfect time to check out UHCL’s Nature Trail! I’ll see which one my friends are willing to go with me.

bianca2Every other Friday, my success group meets up at Starbucks and discusses our leadership goals. The Hawk Leadership Institute has been extremely beneficial to me, and I’ve learned about my leadership style and potential. Our Fall Social is Nov. 21, and I’m really looking forward to meeting with my fellow Hawks. We’ve all been extremely busy this semester, and now we all get to come together as a family and spend some time with one another. It’s the thirteenth week of school and I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. I’m so anxious to know how the end of this semester will turn out. I’m not sure if I will get straight A’s this semester as I anticipated, but I realized even if I get straight B’s I will still be satisfied since I’ve learned a lot. I am excited for this upcoming semester because I believe I have this college experience down.

I was excited to learn that we don’t have to return to school until Jan. 20. That’s so great! I usually have school on my birthday: Jan. 7. I will turn 19 soon and my parents have let me know I am too old for gifts, but I will be sure to give them both gifts this year. They have done so much for me. I love them so much and the thought of ever losing them brings tears to my eyes. I have a lot of my friends that take their parents for granted or their parents are completely out of the picture. You have to think about these situations and be grateful for all you have. Life is such a blessing.



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