What is life?

bianca 1Coming up on the eighth week of school. Halfway done. I’ve been working really hard in all my classes. Studying is an everyday thing for me. It comes effortlessly to me, because I know it will all be worth it in the end. I’m constantly taking deep breaths and prioritizing my assignments. I had a psychology exam last Thursday, and my friends wanted to hang out with me the day before. I knew I had to study, but I ended up hanging with my friends anyway. The next morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m., dragged myself to school, and began working on my review. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee has been my life! Honestly, I don’t think I passed with flying colors, but I know I passed. I keep checking Blackboard in hopes of seeing my grade. Wish me luck!

bianca 2Should I volunteer for children, the elderly, animals, or the environment? Well, I took a step forward by requesting to volunteer at several different locations. The world is so big. I ask myself everyday, “What do you want to be remembered for?” I don’t want to just live. I want to spread positive energy. Some people are positive by nature, but those who aren’t feel victimized in their lives. I want to reach out to those people and let them know our futures are created— not predicted. I love to feel my place on earth. Really grasp the fact that I am a physical being on this planet and embracing the fact I am a spiritual being all at the same time. It makes me feel so small, but I know I am connected to the universe by unseen energy. Everyone needs faith in their life to keep pushing forward and accomplish things we never thought we could. My spirituality influences me in every way, every day.

In my WRIT 1301 class, I am the forum moderator for the week and I brought up the point that our education system and media has impacted our knowledge for other countries. I don’t believe all Americans are ignorant, but I’ve seen firsthand that a lot of us are. Personally, I can say I don’t know much about other countries’ cultures. Does that make me ignorant? Yes, but I realized that America has shaped my way of thinking. One issue that has come up more than once in the last couple of weeks is our education system, specifically the Texas Education system. Americans and international students have realized that our history textbooks are extremely biased and steps are being put into place to better our education system. On a radio discussion of NPR (20 min. in), Houston Matters and associate professor Raul Ramos commented on the bias in our social study textbooks. All we learned is what we know. At times, information is often exaggerated or details are being left out, which leaves us oblivious to the bigger picture. This is disabling us to gain different perspectives. The more people know about the world, the better they can prevent previous mistakes and change the world.

Good luck on your midterm’s freshmen!



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