The amazing Hawk life

Hey there, Hawks! The semester is almost over, so hang in there. We’re about to go head-to-head with midterms. Be sure to train hard and knock them out. Show them who’s boss. That means I’m going to be studying hard and taking breaks often because I don’t want to fry my brain.

eric 1Speaking of my brain being fried, that’s exactly what happened when the lunar eclipse happened this past week. I stayed up all night to go see the eclipse 3 a.m. at UHCL. The Astronomy Club hosted this little get together for the students. They had telescopes and other equipment specialized for stargazing. It was a remarkable sight to go see, and I don’t regret the early hours at all. The university looks so empty at night; I kind of like how it looked. So many deer come out at this time, it’s amazing. I got to learn more about the Astronomy Club and about the universe in general.

This past week the university was giving out free froyo (frozen yogurt). It was a eric 2great way to get my mind of all the assignments I have due, and everything that is going on with academics. I learned some great ways to stop procrastination, which I’m procrastinating on trying. The flavors were to die for. I chose paradise punch and I sure did make the right choice because it was great. Frozen yogurt is a healthy snack until you put all the chocolate and candy on it like I did.

This past week was also National Coming Out Day. I got to paint my hand and place it on a wall. Sounds simplistic, but it was a lot of fun. The Unity Club did a great job of organizing this amazing event. I got to hear so many brave people share their coming-out stories. That takes a lot of guts. The cookies were amazing, especially the oatmeal ones. I’ve been going to the gym a lot more now (I’ve gone for 2 days), which is a lot for me. Sure, I go for like 15 minutes and then leave, but those are the most vigorous 15 minutes of my life. The gym helps me take my mind off school, which is what I need because if I don’t take breaks, I’ll have a breakout and go on a rampage one day.

The stress levels college students experience is intense; I’ve never been so stressed, but on the bright side I have an interview Thursday to see If I become an orientation leader. Hopefully, I get accepted. I really want to help other people through all the questions I had when I started school here. I’ll be sure to let them know that there are no PowerPoints in history class. UHCL is full of so many great opportunities. I’m glad I’m a Hawk!

What’s been your favorite part of being a Hawk? Let me know, I’ll be sure to reply to all of them.



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