Will I have a really hot super model girlfriend?

Welcome back Hawks. I hope you all had an amazing fifth week of classes. Time is going by so fast. I think it’s going by way faster than how high school went by. This is probably because I’m always busy. Everyday I have something I have to be working on. Time really does fly by in college.

As a college freshman, I have so many things going through my head. Will I pass my classes? Will I graduate in four years? Will I have a really hot super model girlfriend? I’m hoping those all happen. Just like I really wanted to create a tennis club, but I got discouraged with the fact that I got a not so good grade in History 1301.

Even though I may not have been able to start the club, I did become vice-president of Hawk Futbol. This is such an honor to have such responsibility. It’s a new club this year created by Helen Nguyen. This Friday, October 3, at 5 p.m. will be when the club kicks off its start. Be sure to look out for updates on the Facebook page. This club is going to be a success.


Speaking about success, I still don’t know what I want to do when I get even older than what I already am. I thought I knew, but there are just so many great possibilities and I can only be one of those things. But in the meantime I need to focus on getting there. And I want to give so much to the university while I’m here. I’m hoping that I get selected to become an orientation leader for the spring semester. I would love to help new Hawks in anyway I can. Show them that UHCL is the best university ever, in my opinion. I Heart UHCL.

Speaking about I Heart UHCL, there are many events that take place during that week. It’s like the university’s spirit week. Definitely looking forward to that. It’s October 13-17. Don’t miss out.

This past week I went to UHCL Chemistry Club. This is a really awesome club, and we got to make our own ice cream. That’s really freaking cool. It was so delicious. We used really simple ingredients and made ice cream within 10 minutes of shaking a liquid in a bag full of ice and salt. After that they made even more ice cream within an even less amount of time. They used liquid nitrogen. Chemistry is like human sorcery in a way. This is the Chemistry Club’s first year at UHCL, so be sure to check them out too. That’s it for this week, Hawks. Make sure to stay on top of classes and study! Back to seeing what other amazing things UHCL has to offer.



One thought on “Will I have a really hot super model girlfriend?

  1. Robin Aleman

    Yay! So excited to see the passing of the torch for O-Leader on to the new Freshmen! That is what being and O-Leader and mentor is about….sharing the experience and passing it forward to the next group. We were the first O-Leaders to you, the first Freshmen class and you will be the first Freshmen O-Leaders! You guys are awesome and we couldn’t be more proud.



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