Freshman Fifteen

It turns out the freshman fifteen is a real thing. I’ve been so busy with school, work and family I haven’t got the chance to really focus on myself. I’d rather pick up a burger and fries from the Patio Café than pay $2.99 for just a fruit cup. Five dollars a day on food and $2.29 for a Smart water bottle has really taken a toll on my body and budget. After going up three flights of stairs and breathing heavily, I decided I needed to change my diet before it’s too late. I’m the type of person that if you put a list out in front of me, it’s going to get done one by one, so I made sure to incorporate workout regimes at least 4 times a week. These are the first steps I need to take to accomplish my goal:

  • Quit Fast Food! ✓
  • Meal Prep! ✓
  • At least 1 out of 24 hours a day devoted to exercising
  • Take the stairs whenever possible
  • Attend nutritionist Sara Feye’s discussion on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 @ 4 p.m. in the Forest Room #LYBW14


I bought two weeks’ worth of food for $65 at the grocery store compared to $140 if I were to continue to spend at least $10 a day on breakfast and lunch. So that’s always good news! I work two jobs now, so I’ve learned to really appreciate my money and I try to save wherever possible.

We are approaching the sixth week of school. Wow, that was fast! What have I been doing this whole time? Oh yeah studying, studying, and some more studying. It’s almost that time, are you ready for MIDTERMS?

  • Don’t ignore your reviews!

A review is a privilege, not a right. Take advantage.

  • Form study groups!

Two brains are always better than one. Don’t feel scared to ask for help. You aren’t the only one.

  • Don’t procrastinate.

Let’s make life easier, don’t hold things off for the last minute.

  • Any questions? Ask your professor!

No question is a stupid question. Don’t you love the fact we can still communicate with our professors? I love that my classes are small!

  • Don’t forget to relax.

Don’t overwhelm yourself; take it step by step. Sometimes silence isn’t awkward.

  • Be healthy.

Make time to eat nutritional meals and engage in physical activity.

  • Review prior to your tests.

Look over all your review materials a day before the exam to keep your thoughts refreshed

  • Good Luck! No pressure. As long as you prepare, you will be just fine.


When my mother made me stand for a picture in front of the UHCL letters, I was sort of embarrassed. I felt even more like a freshman. She didn’t understand I was trying to play it cool. I asked my mother to come to orientation with me, and she replied, “No one is going to bring his or her parents, Bianca.” I pleaded to her that was not the case. And sure enough everyone and their mothers were at orientation. That was a big relief!


Now that it’s deeper into the semester, I take so much pride in being a Hawk. First freshman class, what’s up! I have at least five UHCL T-shirts. Thank goodness for the discount I receive from working in the bookstore. I couldn’t resist putting an UHCL sticker on my car. On Wednesdays, I always wear blue and green. The colors put me at ease.



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