The puny boxer vs. Mike Tyson

Welcome back fellow Hawks. I hope everyone had an amazing week. Other than the fact that we started taking tests this week, it was pretty good to me.

stressI probably failed a lot of my quizzes/tests. I feel ashamed of myself; I want to drop out now (not really). Nobody said college was going to be easy. I just need to start getting used to the format of the quizzes and tests.

I was pretty bummed when I got back my first history quiz, and I had a 5/10. I wanted to cry, but men don’t cry, they sweat from their eyes. That’s not good at all. Hopefully I wasn’t alone in this experience. But I now know that I need to study harder if I want to succeed in that class. Many of us probably didn’t study enough, and I didn’t read all the chapters we were supposed to read.

In high school, I wouldn’t read and still make a 100 on the test. It’s not that I’m not capable of doing well; I’m just a lazy bum that needs to stop procrastinating. But its ok, it was barely the first one. It’s not like I failed the class because of one bad quiz grade.

That being said, I don’t really think I’m going to start the tennis club. I really have to devote my attention to school first, especially after seeing the disaster that I made on it. I swear, I’m stressed so much I just want to go to my room and shut myself from life. I feel the gray hairs coming in. I really want to start the club, but education is first.

Maybe next year, after I settle in with learning how to study and passing my classes, I will start the club. The transition is much harder than I expected it to be. There was not too much going on at school this week; I guess its serious time now that the classes are starting to get tougher. I feel like a puny boxer and college is like Mike Tyson. I can already feel myself without ears. I’m going to try to make it all the way to round 12.

youtube-logo-transparent-iconTechnology plays a big role in my procrastination. YouTube and I are in a love-hate relationship. I constantly have to keep reminding myself to move away from the computer screen because it always draws my attention. I’m just waiting for Halloween. I’m ready to go trick-or-treating.

Speaking of Halloween I heard that University of Houston Clear-Lake doesn’t like a type of event that has to do with Halloween, not sure if this is true, but it would be really awesome if they did. That way I could get more candy. I’ve had four roots canals, so I probably should stay away from the candy. I have a really bad sweet tooth. I should say teeth.

The orientation leaders warned me about procrastination and technology. I never got the chance to talk about Orientation. When I went to orientation, I was kind of nervous. I did bring my mom. They did a really good job of making us feel like we were at our new school. I loved all the icebreakers my group played. It was long, but fun. A little too much talking for me. I did get a little bored with the speeches, not going to lie, but at least there was food at every corner. I got to register for my classes that day, and I’m proud to say that being part of the first freshman class ever at UHCL still shocks me.

That’s it for this week Hawks. Back to the books for me.



2 thoughts on “The puny boxer vs. Mike Tyson

  1. webagent99


    I completely understand about procrastinate and being upset with yourself. Here’s a tip, use the YouTube to your advantage. Search for history and see what you get. There might be a video that really helps you understand.

    Another Tip; I have a big whiteboard that I use to prioritize my assignment and test. It always in front of me by my desk. Being aware id half the battle. Using your experience as learning lessons. That’s all this grad student has to add. I have 3-D modeling to work on.



  2. Robin Aleman

    Awww….at least you admitted that those first tests and quizzes aren’t easy but you learned from them to be better prepared for the next ones. Thanks for remembering the O-Leaders! We loved getting to know all you guys also during orientation, and yes we agree it is very long and lots of talking but sometimes necessary talking. We are just as excited for you to be here as you are.

    Also thanks for the info that men don’t cry…they sweat from their eyes! Love it!



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