“Man, Where’s the PowerPoint?”

Established in 1974, UHCL was not a four-year institution, but rather an upper level university for juniors, seniors and graduate students. Forty years later, freshmen and sophomores like me join the action.

My name is Eric Yanez and I’m a UHCL freshman. My number one priority with this project is to blog my experience as freshman from my point of view and hope others can relate to my journey. I’m going to be blogging about campus life and all the events that I attend which include the recent Welcome Back Bash and the Bayou Block Party. I’m in the Mentor – Mentee program and hope to be joining many other organizations throughout the year.

Alright, so first week of school just passed and man was that exhausting. One question that was going through my head was, “Man, where’s the PowerPoint?”

I went to History 1301 ready for my first lecture. Got my pen and notebook out ready to learn. The teacher starts talking. No PowerPoint. He talks some more. Still no PowerPoint. I was like, “Hold up, are we supposed to be writing this down?”

Now I know that a lecture doesn’t involve words on a PowerPoint. High school, I miss you so much.

Speaking of History 1301 did anyone else get a headache on their first day of classes? I know it was only the syllabus but I came out fried, man. Like fried chicken at KFC. That’s enough negatives for now.

Guys, I’m proud to be a Hawk. Being a Hawk is the best thing that can happen to someone. Why? Well, because of all the free food I got at UHCL. I was literally fed all week. There was food at the Hunter Games, which was so much fun. Not to mention I won a $25 gift card to Olive Garden (I spent it already). There was food at the Bayou Block Party and at the Welcome Back Bash.Untitledresized

I really need to start using that gym I’m hearing about at school. Maybe they’ll have food there too, who knows.

I got a chance to play mini golf also in the Student Life Office and won many great prizes such as a salad shaker, which I gave to my mom.

So let’s talk about the Bayou Block Party; their chicken tenders were legit. But seriously, I met some wonderful people there such as Terry Chvla, from the School of Education. She says she’s excited to have freshmen and sophomores joining the campus. Let’s not forget about the Welcome Back Bash. I loved every second of it. I was volunteering at the bash and got to meet many more great people. I had lots of fun rolling up T-shirts and directing traffic.

Afterwards, I got to explore the different booths. There was this booth (like a sorority/fraternity) that said come join I went to check it out but saw that it said “For Good Girls.” I thought to myself I haven’t been naughty. I’m just joking I quickly turned around and went to the food in the Garden Room. Again, free food! I enjoyed every second of the Bash.

I did get curious who Hunter the Hawk was while I was there. I’ve got to say that I met most of my new friends at Hawk Launch that happened the Saturday before school started. Shout out to Team Yellow! So many activities and so much fun I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. We also got to compete in events such as extreme dodgeball, skeeball, water sponge challenge, water balloon toss, and to top it all off a paint fight.

All these events are what make college memorable. I’m planning on going to all the events at the university. I am part of history and so is everyone else being the first freshman class at UHCL.

Well, that’s it for this week see all you guys next week. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions.




6 thoughts on ““Man, Where’s the PowerPoint?”

  1. Jenn Clark

    Loved both blogs! You two are off to an amazing start, and I’m proud to know both of you from the Hawk Leadership and Institute and Emerging Leaders Academy. And, you’re right – LOTS of free food. You can never go hungry at UHCL. And, don’t forget if you ever need that caffeine boost, stop by the Intercultural Student Services office – their coffee pot is always on! Looking forward to future blogs! Hawk On!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nereida tanori

    I like Eric’s POV that it made me remember the tiring first day of school and it made me want to try out the events that are going around the school and just in general try out new things


  3. Helen Nguyen

    Hahaha this is hilarious Eric! Sounds like you had a really fun experience. “I haven’t been naught” 😂☺😂😂 so funny man! Good job on the blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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