Natalia celebrates the end of the semester with her student organizations

Hey Hawks!

I hope you had another fantastic week at UHCL. Can you believe we only have one more week left until s the dreaded finals week and then we get to enjoy the summer! It’s crazy how fast a semester goes by. It’s crazy how fast an academic school year goes by. It’s even crazier to think that I’ve been going to college for four whole years! I should be graduating by now (whoops).

This week was full of both closure and new opportunities.

The Social Justice Organization hosted the last meeting of the semester this week. We had a nice little social with pizza and celebration. The Campus Activities Board also hosted its last meeting of the semester this week. We spent most of the meeting voting on constitutional amendments that I, alongside the rest of the 2018-19 executive board, proposed. It was exciting, especially considering that all of our proposed amendments passed!

We ended the year with the annual Leadership Banquet, hosted by Student Life, where we all dressed up and received numerous awards for leadership, teamwork, volunteering and recognition. I officially became the president of CAB, which is both scary and exciting. I had a nice time at the banquet, especially because I got to wear a really nice suit! I’m trying to find other excuses to wear the suit because I looked pretty good. The entire night was very reminiscent of the first Leadership Banquet I attended, two years ago. Back then, I went to the stage to receive recognition for completing my first year with the Hawk Leadership Institute. This year, I went to the stage to receive recognition for serving as a peer mentor for HLI. It’s funny how things change, yet stay the same.

The next day, a group of us from HLI (and a few of our friends) went to Kemah to participate in an escape room! If you don’t know what an escape room is, it is basically a game where you’re locked in a room and have to escape by solving numerous puzzles. The catch is that you only have one hour to escape! Each room has a different theme. The one we chose was called the “Fear Room”. It was similar to the movie “Saw,” except nobody had to cut off any of their limbs. It was super fun! Unfortunately, we didn’t win. We were very close to the end when our time ended. Still, I really want to go back again and try other escape rooms. It’s a great bonding experience, as well as a good team-building activity. Afterwards, we all went out for pizza, to make ourselves feel better.

It was a fun, emotional, and exciting week. Now to start studying for finals!

Until next time, Hawks

– Natalia

A group of people holding signs that signal they failed the escape room

Natalia celebrates the end of her semester with a trip to an escape room with her friends. Photo courtesy of Natalia Marfil.

Eric gears up for the final weeks

It’s good to be back Hawks!

Senior year has been extremely difficult especially the final weeks leading up to graduation with so much happening. It is almost impossible to sum up senior year into any one category. It ranges from a wide variety of emotions each containing its own perk. I never realized just how difficult obtaining a degree was. These past couple of weeks have not been easy.

I have had to rely on breathing exercises to help me get through the week. The stress level has finally reach its peak. I have been getting slapped left and right by the infamous Mr. Stress. I never thought stress could physically hurt. Oh, let’s not forget to mention that I found my first gray hair the other day. So not only does college make you want to enroll into an asylum, but it also deteriorates your body in the process.

There have been times this semester where I really am not certain I’ll be able to see the light at the end of the road. Stress compiled with assignments and personal problems aimlessly give me tunnel vision. All I can see in the moment is a whirlwind of assignments.

On the bright side I finally have my cap and gown! I can’t wait for next weekend to get my senior pictures taken. This makes me realize that my senior year is about to end. “Adulthood” is only a few weeks ahead. Luckily, I have begun creating professional resumes, because I’m not quite sure a company wants to know I worked at a McDonalds when I was 16. Wish me luck on perfecting this resume skill.

That’s all for this week Hawks. Be sure to study up and finish strong! The final countdown is in effect. Get ready to put on those boxing gloves and come face to face with finals. Good Luck!