Taylor Swift’s Newest Album!

Hey Hawks! 

I hope you’ve had another wonderful week at UHCL. My week was relatively uneventful and I think it says a lot for me to consider a week full of exams as uneventful. Maybe I’m finally getting used to being a college student with too much to do all the time or maybe it’s that time of the semester where it all kind of blurs together and I can’t really tell the weeks apart.  

I had a few exams, which I think went okay. I know they didn’t go as well as the first set of exams this semester, but I didn’t do too terribly.  

In Campus Activities Board (CAB), I’m the co-chair for the Membership Committee, which means I’m in charge of (along with my Co-Chair) holding orientation sessions for incoming members. This week we were able to have our first session of the semester! I know it sounds odd because the semester is almost over, but my co-chair and I just very recently acquired our positions. Previously, another chair was holding orientations at the beginning of the semester.  

I think the biggest thing to happen this week is the release of unspecified: “reputation.” (Yes, she didn’t capitalize the “r” on purpose. She’s a true artist.) If you know me at all, you know that I absolutely love Taylor Swift. Needless to say, I was super excited on November 10 when the album finally dropped. I had already pre-ordered it on iTunes, so it was directly added to my phone. I don’t think I’ve listened to anything else since. I’m excited for tickets to come out for the tour! Last time I saw her (for the 1989 World Tour) was quite possibly one of the best nights of my life. I know she won’t disappoint.  

That’s pretty much everything for this week. I hope y’all had as much fun as me.  

Until next time, Hawks! 

– Natalia  


The End Is Near

Finals, projects and my social life are all in danger. The time is upon us, students are falling victim to stress. In my experienc3_yogurt-dropse, I have dealt with stress with eating, but I have to remember healthy snacks! 

As I progressed through my college career, I noticed my eating habits had changed. I also noticed my body had changed, and so did the scale. This was a result of eating out and buying a lot of junk food. Being able to drive and get whatever I crave is one of the main reasons I became unhealthy. I couldn’t help myself if I was craving McDonalds McNuggets at midnight; I couldn’t fall asleep if I didn’t have them. In the end, I felt bloated all the time.  Luckily, there are healthier options to stress eat with. These frozen yogurt drops are the perfect snack. 

Frozen Yogurt Drops: 

Ingredients- Any kind of yogurt 

Step 1- Place penny-sized drops of yogurt on tray until full. 

Step 2- Place in freezer 3-4 hours, or until solid. 

Step 3- Enjoy! 

Another great way to reduce stress is school event, and holidays! The good news is that UHCL has many events coming up to look forward to. For example, the annual Lighting of the Letter is only a few weeks away! This is one of my favorite events at UHCL, and I haven’t missed a single year!  

And we can’t forget the best holiday out of the year – Thanksgiving! Thankfully, it’s just around the corner and personally, I cannot wait to gain 30 pounds. It’ll be worth it.  

Now it’s time for my weekly favorite, Chipotle. The concept of creating your own burrito or burrito bowl is great! I got the chicken burrito with rice, tomatoes, lettuce and salsa. The flavors went very well together. The atmosphere of Chipotle was nice, almost like a factory type feel out of it. The menu doesn’t have much of a variety which was kind of a bummer, but I got great customer service and an amazing burrito. I will definitely be going there again. 

Well that’s it for this week guys I hope you all have a great week of classes! 





It’s my birthday week.  

Hey Hawks! 


This has been an amazing week. Do you know why? It’s my birthday week.  


Thankfully, this week wasn’t very academically demanding. It mostly consisted of getting graded tests back. It’s always a nerve-wracking experience to sit in the class waiting for the professor to hand you your exam. It’s even more stressful when you see other students receiving them and groaning about their grade. Thankfully, I did pretty well.  


On October 30, my girlfriend and I celebrated our one-year anniversary!  We both had previously agreed to not get each other anything (mostly because we’re both broke college students), so we just gifted ourselves a lazy day at home. We slept in, watched TV and only went out to get some delicious food.  


Three days later, it was my birthday! I didn’t plan anything, but I knew my friends were planning a surprise for me. They’re terrible at keeping secrets. After, I went out to have dinner with my family, I got to school and they were all hiding in a classroom. They had decorated the room with a lot of balloons and each balloon had a cute drawing or inside joke. They played Taylor Swift songs (which I love), gave me presents and played a bunch of board games with me. It was super fun! Then, the next day, I went over to my girlfriend’s house and they were there! We played board games again, opened even more presents and then smashed watermelons. That’s right! We smashed watermelons with a bat! It’s a weird way to celebrate a birthday, but it was definitely fun and I highly recommend it. In fact, I think it’s going to become a new friend tradition.  


Finally, on Saturday, I came to the Leadership Conference! Waking up early after a night of celebrating was difficult, but it was worth it. One of my closest friends, Flor Gonzalez, was the Co-Director of the Leadership Conference Planning Committee. I had seen her work hard- putting this conference together. I’m so proud of her and she did an amazing job. The Social Justice Organization was asked to facilitate a workshop for the conference, so that’s what I did alongside my vice president, Izuh Ikpeama. It was really fun to be a part of the conference!  


Now that the fun week is over, it’s time to get back to business. I have two exams tomorrow and I haven’t even started studying!  


Until next time, Hawks! 

– Natalia  








Holy Cow!

Holy Cow! The fall semester is flying by at the speed of light. With the semester coming to an end, and the stress levels reaching an all-time high, college students are sure in a bit of a pickle, especially the seniors. 

Senior year isn’t all that different from any other year, to be honest. The main difference is that the stress level is magnified by 100. On top of assignments and studying, seniors have to start looking towards their future career. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I have been second guessing myself in terms of my major. I know I made the right choice, but it’s kind of like when the bride gets nervous before her wedding. The same rule applies here; I’m just nervous before graduation. On top of the nerves kicking in, I was sick all week, and that sure got me thinking. 

I have been under house arrest all weekend due to Jack in the Box tacos. Sure, it may have been a two for one-dollar deal, but I think they forgot to mention that they also need to torture your insides. Now to be fair, I shouldn’t have eaten more than 8, so that may have had something to do with it. Luckily, before all the pain I was able to enjoy my weekly favorite. That was, of course, before refusing to even look at food.  

Image result for sick clipart

My weekly favorite has to be a local burger joint that has been a Pasadena favorite for years. Star Burger has been the place to get burgers since I was a kid. It has been around for over 30 years. The family owned and operated business has better burgers than Whataburger, in my opinion.  

Well that’s it for this week Hawks. I hope everyone is having a fun time studying and getting perfect scores on their exams. Until next week.  


College Tip: Always keep note of your due dates, but don’t be afraid to ask for an extension. Some professors won’t mind giving an extra day. I’ve noticed this is more common with upper level classes. 

Got Privilege?

Hey Hawks! 

I hope you experienced another amazing week at UHCL. As usual, mine was very busy!  

 On Tuesday, I co-facilitated an event with my friend Izuh. The event, 22713471_10210592924720852_2222722775525502344_o_preview.jpegUnderstanding Power and Oppression” was part of Student Leadership, Involvement, Community and Engagement’s (SLICE) Social Justice Dinner Dialogue series. Yolanda Barnes, the coordinator for SLICE, asked the Social Justice Organization if we wanted to facilitate, so we did! It was a really great experience. We held amazing, genuine conversations about our privilege and how we can utilize it in terms of social justice. Plus, there was delicious pad thai! 


The next day, the SJO discussed hot topic issues, like sexual harassment in Hollywood, misrepresentation of Hispanics in the media and the presence (or lack thereof) of LGBTQ on campus. I’m happy to announce that, for the time being, the LGBTQ Student Coalition will be a part of SJO! We will provide a space for people who want to have these conversations about LGBTQ and be able to build community.  


On Thursday, I spoke at the student panel for Hawks Embracing Leadership. It was an amazing experience, where I was able to openly and honestly discuss my experience on campus in terms of diversity. It was refreshing to hear students with genuine answers. The Dean of Students David Rachita and Associate Vice President Darlene Biggers also attended which made the conversation that much more impactful. It’s one thing to talk about these issues to your friends, and another to talk about them with people who actually have the power to make a large change. Another great part of the experience was that we got to have a small meeting after the panel in the Faculty Club. I didn’t even know that place existed! It’s so fancy and beautiful.  


On Friday, I left for my Leadership Retreat! This was a powerful experience for me. Attending as a facilitator, I thought that I wouldn’t really get as much out of it as I did last time as a participant. I thought I’d be helping others learn, but not really having anything to learn myself. I was wrong! I was challenged, motivated, and pushed to grow. It’s been an amazing experience. I strengthened the meaningful connections I already obtained by going to this retreat. 


As you can see, it was a really busy week. Next week will be just as busy but less exciting, considering it’s exam week…again. 


Until next time Hawks! 

–  Natalia  

As Far As Extracurriculars…

Hey Hawks!  

I hope your week is going great, because mine seems to never stop! Thankfully, next week will be super chill in comparison.  

I forgot how hectic things got around midterms. I’m only taking three lecture classes, but somehow I’ve already had four exams. They just keep on coming. I’ve been surprised at myself by how fast I’ve been able to switch gears from Human Physiology to Genetics to Organic Chemistry… It’s like I drown myself in all things organic chemistry for 24 consecutive hours and then move on to do the same for the next subject. That’s probably not how college was meant to work.  

As far as extracurriculars, things have gone okay. I became the Co-Chair of the Membership Committee for Campus Activites Board, so that’s exciting. Our first orientation will hopefully be this upcoming week. Plus, CAB has been really cool about letting me develop my photoshop skills by letting me do some of their flyers. I’m sure they appreciate it too, but I’m mostly glad I can take some time off schoolwork to do something I really enjoy.  

Speaking of taking time off, y’all know I love Study Paws! I was able to go and relax for about an hour right after a really big test. It was the perfect de-stressor. I’m already looking forward to the next time they’re on campus, even though that means I’ll be rushing to cram information into my brain before exams.  

Being a part of Hawk Leadership Institute this year has also been super exciting. I got to do my first one-on-ones with my mentees this week! It was really different, but fun, being on the other side of a one-on-one. I’m also blessed with two amazing mentees, so that definitely helps. Speaking of leadership, I was accepted as a facilitator for the Leadership Retreat coming up later this month! I’m really excited because this retreat meant a lot to me last year, when I went as a participant. Plus, a lot of my friends, Flor, Izuh and Diveanne, are going to be there too!  

I’m really excited for all these new things to come to life! 

Until next time Hawks! 

– Natalia  

Halloween Is Near!

Welcome back fellow Hawks I hope you all had an amazing fifth week of classes. We are entering week six of the semester which means, Thanksgiving will be here in no time. I know I’m skipping ahead of Halloween, but I’m ready to devour a turkey! Holiday season is underway, which means that for the next three months we must be prepared to see pictures of sexy Halloween costumes, dead turkeys and ugly Christmas sweaters. 

It seems like everyone this year is going crazy about Halloween! Not sure if I just missed everyone going bonkerIMG_1184s over the holiday last year, or if I was just living under a rock. This year most of my Facebook feed is, “Omg it’s finally October!” Which I don’t agree with because “OMG its finally creepy clown season!” Halloween isn’t that scary, but the one thing that I am scared of during Halloween is those pesky clowns. Ever since my mom made me participate in a clown game during a birthday party I have never seen clowns the same way. Man, I wish I wouldn’t have never gone to my own seventeenth birthday party. Now, I can never be in the same room as a clown. So if you ever want to see me panic just take me to a clown convention, I’m sure that’s a thing in the world we live in now, but just expect me to curl up into a ball and cry for my mom. Yes, even if I’m 21. 

Hurricane Harvey left my home flooded when it hit, which meant we had to do many repairs around the house. Luckily this past week I can proudly say my room is sort of restored considering sheetrock, doors, and carpet had to be removed. Now, all that’s left is to paint the walls!  

My weekly favorite this past week was a snack my dad picked up from the store. They’re known as fiber brownies. It’s the good old Great Value brand, because we have to stay on a budget. Those brownies are not only semi-heathy at only 90 calories per serving, but also packed with lots of fiber! I didn’t realize how good they’d be. Go out and get you some fiber brownies! I might be giving them out to trick or treaters since many Americans don’t consume enough fiber. 

Well that’s it for this week Hawks, I hope everyone enjoys their week! Have a great I Heart UHCL Week!